Chigyu Kwon presents works within the setting of a forest, of themes saluting resilience following the exploration of existence and desire. His sculptures blur the conflictual divide between humans and nature. Using fresh and organic forms made of stainless steel in a marriage of lushness and urbanity, multiple layers give his works depth, a sense of relaxation, and an understanding of the natural world that is more than a superficial forest made of only branches and leaves.


He asserts that plants, as natural objects, are providers of life through their oxygen and announcers of existence through their structure. The forests they form are a resilient, key part of urban concepts, functions, and structures that promote healing and feelings of significance. Each piece celebrates life while transcending its artificial landscape.


Kwon is Vice President of the Korean Art Association. He is also Chairman of the Sculpture Division of the Korean Art Association and a current Sungshin Women's University Professor. His work is collected and displayed all throughout Korea.
Installation shots