Sang Sik Hong is known for his labor intensive and stunning relief sculptures which he creates from plastic drinking straws. Hong developed this method as a student looking for an alternative to more expensive art materials, landing on the dried noodles that form his early work. As he developed his technique, not only did the work become more structurally complex, recently incorporating LED back lighting to accentuate the subtleties of his sculpture, but his subject matter became more personal and distinctive. What results are works that refute their materiality through softness and delicate imagery that evokes a senses of desire and power.


Sang Sik Hong received his MFA in Sculpture at Mokwon University in Korea, and is a member of The Korean Figurative Sculpture Association, Korean Relief Association, Mokwon Sculpture Association and Daejeon Sculptor Association. Hong's works have been exhibited widely in Singapore, Swiss, New York, and London. His work has been featured in numerous art fairs throughout North America including Context Art Miami, Art Southampton, and Art New York. 



Installation shots
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