Byung Jin Kim's sculptures are composed of countless steel letters, logos, or symbols that are welded together to form an inspiring figure or shape. The extensive and elaborate creative process involves creating his figures and shapes from clay, plaster or FRP plastic, and then welding and forming each individual piece of machined steel. After careful sanding of the welded areas, he paints multiple layers of quality car paint over an extended period of time while heating the artwork in a kiln at 200 degrees. Kim says he seeks truth through the labor- intensive nature of his work.


In the LOVE-love series, the artist hopes to convey a message of hope and joy to a wider audience beyond critics and art enthusiasts. Inspired by the pure joy his daughter brought into his life, Kim aims to share this love by portraying an untainted heart, a universal symbol of love, and whose shape alone communicates a warm message.


Byung Jin Kim graduated from Suwon University with a degree in in Sculpture. He participated in numerous gallery group exhibitions, and held several solo exhibitions in Korea and Taiwan. Today, Kim is an acclaimed artist in South Korea, and his works are collected by several private collections, such as National Museum of Contemporary Art, Philos Hotel, The Sculpture Park in Gangwon Land and Suwon District Court, to name a few.

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