For Hyun-Sook Jeong the envy of the sun, the moon, and stars and the desire to collect and wear precious stones and metals is traceable to the human need for light. Light, in myth and in practice, gives life and is the foundation of many aspects of society; agriculture, time, creation mythology, and it has long been the practice of humans to attempt to define this life force through metaphysical means. Jeong Hyun Sook uses naturally iridescent materials, mother of pearl and crystal, to capture the eternity of this light on the canvas. The traditional aspects of these materials, which can be found in Nageon-Chilgi lacquer ware and furniture, solidifies the historical transcendence of light that the artist is trying to capture.


Hyun Sook Jeong is well renowned in the Korean art market and is gradually gaining reputable acclaim in the United States art scene. Her works have been exhibited in the Sungkok Art Museum, Lee Gallery, Gallery Sejong, and Insa Art Center, to name a few, and have been featured in various international art fairs in Cologne, Miami, New York, London, Geneva, Beijing and Shanghai. Her paintings are held in major Korean art collections such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, and the Sammlungen Collection. 


Installation shots
Art Fairs