A visionary artist who blends creativity, humor, and technical expertise to produce stunning and thought-provoking works of contemporary sculpture art.
Yuki Matsueda is a Japanese artist who gained inspiration from his love of eggs and their energy. His first work, the Super Egg, in 2007 marked a shift in his traditionally two-dimensional style, and since then, he has created tongue-in-cheek works that showcase his subject's escape from flatness. Matsueda's practice involves backing prints, PET casting, and shaping, breathing new life and humor into his pieces. He studied art and design and has exhibited his work worldwide, including solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Seoul, Berlin, and Tokyo.
Yuki Matsueda's innovative approach to form and space challenges traditional notions of dimensionality, offering viewers a unique and captivating perspective on the world around us.

Yuki Matsueda's practice was born of a happy accident. Inspired by his love of eggs and the force that they hold within them, his first work Super Egg in 2007 broke the plane of his traditionally two dimensional work and represented the infinite energy of the egg escaping its shell. Since then, Matsueda has been making tongue in cheek works that showcase his subject's escape from two-dimensionality.


His practice involves making backing prints, which he learned to do as a child in his parents print shop, and then drawing the object out of its static world through a complex process involving PET casting and shaping. In the finished product, the traditionally limited image has new life, humor, and perspective breathed into it.


Yuki Matsueda (b. 1980) was born in Ibaraki province in Japan and received a Ph.D. in Design at Tokyo University of Arts. Growing up as the son of print shop owners, Yuki Matsueda had early exposure to prints, and went on to study art and design. He has held solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Seoul, Berlin, and Tokyo and participated in group shows and art fairs in Miami, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Kyoto, and Paris.

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