Antoinette Wysocki’s abstract images are a result of her direct and conscious engagement with the organic processes of her mixed media technique. By not trying to control every element of the painting process, but instead allowing the materials (acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil, gauche, watercolor, and linen) to play with one another, she obtains unexpected and visually stimulating results. From the broad gestural strokes that Wysocki uses to begin her work, during a phase of action painting, to stages of control where she pulls at the abstract imagery and elaborates upon it with details and text, the materiality of the work is always present. The viewer is confronted with this balance of organic and regimented processes through their perception of the imagery; wrestling with their understanding of abstract and detail, signs and signifiers, and subjectivity.


Having received her BFA from San Francisco Art Institute, Wysocki has shown widely in galleries such in New York, Hong Kong, London, Dubai, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New Mexico and Miami. In 2009, she was nominated for next emerging artist by GLAAD in New York City and was awarded an artist’s grant for an artist program through the Santa Fe Art Institute.

Installation shots
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