Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernandez


Miguel Fernandez is known for his vibrant and symbolic depictions of urban landscapes. Within his paintings, Fernandez utilizes varied and emotional pallets and believes that colors, like people, change and depend on those around them. At the same time, Fernandez captures this intensity and sensibility in an organized way. The resulting compositions find an intriguing balance between rationality and emotion, fusing the chaos and rigor of the modern day cityscape in a unique and beautiful way. His compositions are brought to life solely by color choice, light and shadows, and his precisionist composition, resulting in a simplified yet powerfully idealized image.


Fernandez not only admires the cities he paints but also treats them as a source of self-discovery. Fernandez’s focus on the rapid urbanization of the past century is not a pessimistic outlook, but instead hones in on the openness and diversity that is innate in the cityscape and chooses to showcase this aspect with his top down perspective.


Miguel Fernandez has been exhibited around the world, including multiple art fairs such as SCOPE in Miami (USA, 2007), London (England, 2007, 2005), and New York (USA, 2006). Fernandez is currently living and working in Barcelona, Spain.

Installation shots
Art Fairs