Martijn Hesseling's work is deeply rooted in the traditions of painting and drawing. However, it is only when one approaches the work that his unique and imaginative process becomes apparent. What look like photorealistic paintings from a distance are actually collages - almost reliefs - of newspaper on plexiglass. By treating the paper with a special varnish the negative space of the printed page is rendered translucent leaving only the printed words and images behind. Through intricately cutting, layering, and placing this treated paper, Hesseling is able to create incredibly detailed images of his subjects ranging from dense domestic and urban scenes to wide landscapes. Working in a similar style to painting, the addition and subtraction of color, the works reconfigure the timeline of the traditional medium through the legibility of the newspaper and the news over the course of each piece's creation.


Hesseling was born in Ede, Holland. From 1991 to 1997 he studied at the Academy of Art in Enschede and graduated at the Dutch Art Institute. He has held solo shows across Europe and has participated in art fairs across the globe in Basel, Paris, Brussels, New York, and more. His work is featured in many public and corporate collections including: Deutsche Bank London, Phillips, and American Express.

Installation shots
Art Fairs