Jae Yong Kim is a Korean native who has spent the majority of his life traveling, observing and developing the themes of his art. His work greatly reflects the turmoil of a highly mobile existence, with the question of "home" appearing as a recurring theme as he explores what this concept means to him. Kim primarily works with ceramics and installation, displaying a consistent, quirky and eccentric style that accurately reflects the artist's own personality, making his work truly recognizable.


Donuts first appeared in Kim's work as a symbol of greed and gluttony, representative of his somewhat negative experiences while endeavoring to understand the financial world of New York City. "I started making more donuts because this is what made me happy," says Kim, "Donuts are a treat but they aren't all good. Donuts, sweets and junk food are typical fare for those living in poverty or just above it. Cheap and yummy, donuts also give a quick burst of energy which lets you keep going. They can also provide a satisfying balm when life and trying to get by is difficult." Created from clay fired with three different types of glaze, these sculptures are endlessly inventive, representing the varieties of the actual treat as well as the artist's interest in creating new and exciting ways of seeing ceramic arts.


Jae Yong Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the University of Hartford and a  Master's Degree in Fine Arts in Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Kim has participated in both group and solo exhibitions and shown internationally in settings such as the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art in Japan, the Korean Craft Promotion Foundation Gallery in Seoul, the Art and Industry Gallery in San Diego, the Lyons Wier Gallery, Marshall M. Frederick's Sculpture Museum, The Dennos Museum Center, Hunterdon Art Museum, Kate Shin Gallery at Waterfall Mansion and Philadelphia Art Alliance, as well as numerous group exhibitions worldwide. Kim lives and works in both Seoul, South Korea and the New York City area; he is currently a professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

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