Boree Hur is a Korean painter who seeks to capture objects (flowers, principally) in the world by the relationship with us and how we perceive them. Her time living and working on Jeju island has connected her to vibrant, rebellious plant-life which she connects to human experience on a deep level. The relatable and healing potential of flowers is Hur's target, and her canvases are explosive.


The healing focus in her works can be partly applied to 'Pulmeong' (풀멍), the Korean trend and philosophy of holistic living by coexistence with plants in outdoor and domestic spaces alike. The explosiveness of her florals appeals to the vulnerability shared by flowers and humans alike.


Hur completed her BFA and MFA in the Department of Painting at Seoul National University before participating in a residency with Ujing Art Center. Since, she has won numerous awards as a young artists recognized by the Government Bank Art Collection. Her work is collected internationally including Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and the US.


photo by JoongAng Ilbo

Installation shots