A versatile artist who creates landscape paintings, portraits, and abstract works. His paintings are characterized by expressive brushstrokes, bold colors, and an interplay of colors and shapes that convey emotion and energy. Aguiar's works have received critical acclaim and are collected by private collectors and institutions worldwide. He draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the world around him and is committed to sharing his vision with audiences worldwide.

In addition to his landscape paintings, Hamilton Aguiar has also explored other themes, including portraits and abstract works. His portraits capture the essence of his subjects through expressive brushstrokes and bold colors, while his abstract works convey emotion and energy through the interplay of colors and shapes.


Throughout his career, Aguiar has received critical acclaim and his works have been collected by private collectors and institutions around the world, including the Museum of Latin American Art in California and the Frost Art Museum in Miami. He continues to create stunning works of art, inspired by the natural beauty of the world around him, and remains committed to sharing his vision with audiences worldwide.

Hamilton Aguiar is a Brazilian artist known for his serene landscape paintings created through a unique process of applying oil paint to a panel covered in reflective metal leaf and resin. He aims to capture the beauty and power of natural landscapes while providing a peaceful viewing experience. Aguiar has exhibited his work in galleries and art fairs across North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, and Canada after moving to the United States in 1987. He currently resides and works in Miami.

Hamilton Aguiar strives to paint serene images that can be peacefully enjoyed and also draw the viewer's attention to the beauty of natural landscapes. Aguiar's unique process involves applying oil paint expressively to a panel, often covered with a thin layer of reflective silver, copper or gold leaf, and finishes his work with a thick layer of resin. The resulting paintings are rich in color and depth, and depict landscapes that are both tranquil and powerful.


Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Hamilton Aguiar moved to the United States to pursue his passion for painting in 1987. Taking on his artistic career through exhibitions in New York in the mid 2000's, Hamilton is now represented by several galleries across North America, and has shown in exhibitions and art fairs in the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea and Canada. After a few years developing ambitious studio projects in his native city of Belo Horizonte, Hamilton relocated to Miami where he works to this day.

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