BLANK SPACE presents its first virtual exhibition of J.T. Kirkland in collaboration with Dot Dash 3

BLANK SPACE is pleased to present our first online exhibition in collaboration with Dot Dash 3, Within the Unframed, featuring the works of J.T. Kirkland.


In an innovative, multi-faceted virtual platform, this exhibition provides the viewers an opportunity to explore dynamics of Kirkland's artworks and examine them up-close without any temporal and physical set boundaries, simultaneously featuring and utilizing cutting-edge visualization technology.


Celebrating the natural forms found in wood, Kirkland strives to achieve clarity and resolution in line, color, and form through his precise, carefully constructed gesture on wood.  Breaching the boundaries of painting and sculpture, Kirkland's works invite the viewers into both its flat and multi-dimensional space, destabilizing the accustomed ways of defining and perceiving art.


The organic shapes and intrinsic forms of wood within his artworks are transformed to become the medium and the artistic material themselves, simultaneously transforming and synchronizing with the artist's brushstroke and constructed space. Beyond his wooden canvases, Kirkland's lines and forms interact with and within the architectural elements and dimensions of the gallery space.