January 5 - February 4, 2012

Awkward Pause
Looking Over
Red Giant
Royal Resignation
Looking for Alice

Press Release

BLANK SPACE is pleased to present a group exhibition titled Transformation, featuring the works of artists (in alphabetical order): Caroline Golden, Deanna C. Lee, and Paige Williams. These artists use different methodology and materials to express emotional, physical and symbolically dichotomic states at the moment of these transformations.

Using fairy tale characters, Caroline Golden follows the transformations of these characters in order to release them from their biographical narrative. Creating claustrophobic settings invites the viewer into a disquieted realm in miniature. Her preference as a collage artist is to use elements that fit together in unconventional ways. Golden’s constructions use paper to mimic wood shingles, as well as ceramic tiles and linoleum flooring – evident in “Royal Resignation” and “What’s Going on Here?”

Deanna C. Lee uses a process of intuitive, controlled doodling to create line clusters.  These clusters grow organically to evoke forms like hair, muscles, fungi, and waves. Lee considers them visual metaphors for social relationships and emotional states. Her technique develops each image until she feels it has curiosity and tension – the moment when the clusters form a suggestion, before declaring their identities or purpose, such as in featured works “Red Giant” and “Blue Skies”.


A returning BLANK SPACE artist, Paige Williams, explores the physical and psychological dualities that exist in relationships; that which makes us human: varied degrees of elegance, awkwardness, clumsiness and grace. Williams’ forms are casual yet conscientious, defiant yet vulnerable.  Most recently, her paintings are derived from her experience with books; an accessible closed container. Her grids are a recognizable throughout her work, such as “The Stories We Tell” and “But It Still Feels The Same”.

Educated at Marymount College, Caroline Golden was featured in selected group and solo exhibitions with a significant exhibition in Israel. Her works are part of the following collections: Fidelity Investments, Sony Corporation, and Sheila Bridges.

Inspired primarily by non-Western art, Deanna C. Lee has participated in a large number of solo and group exhibitions primarily in the US. Formally educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Lee has been featured in a number of publications.

Currently Professor of Painting at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Paige Williams has been featured in a vast number of solo and group exhibitions over the past 20 years as well as a number of publications.