Color of Dreams

July 23 - August 13, 2009

Suzy Taekyung Kim

Spring snow 01

Acrylic, enamel, glitter on canvas

48 x 60 inches

Suzy Taekyung Kim

Anywhere I lay my head 02

Acrylic, aluminum, glitter on canvas

16 x 24 inches

Suzy Taekyung Kim

Anywhere I lay my head 01

Acrylic, 24K gold on canvas

48 x 30 inches


Lisa Dahl

Ladybug, Ladybug


Oil on canvas

30 x 30 inches

Lisa Dahl


Paintings on magazine

Matted and framed in natural wood frames with UV glass

3.5 x 6.75 inches


Lisa Dahl

Orange Glitter

Matted and framed in black wood frames with plexiglass

5 x 7 inches


Press Release

BLANK SPACE is pleased to present a series of paintings by Lisa Dahl and Suzy Taekyung Kim.  

COLOR OF DREAMS is an exhibition that explores paintings as a manifestation of both reality and illusion.

Lisa Dahl exploits the cultural icons of suburban homes to investigate the idealism of the “American Dream” and its associated trappings.  Dahl’s art often uses a large dose of playfulness and humor, as it undermines the home’s traditional significance of providing shelter and security.  In the series of work entitled “There Goes the Neighborhood,” Dahl utilizes images from real estate magazines, as well as her own photographs, to transform houses through the application of various layers of brightly colored paint and other materials. This democratization of rooflines and architectural details, paired with the remaining landscape, allows the images to remain as recognizable forms, but the new structures have no means of entry – no sense of the comfort we associate with the homes of our dreams.

Suzy Taekyung Kim introduces her new series of the realm of flora, especially of flowers. The ordinary façade of the subject matter gives way to an alternate reality. The artist uses flowers to portray themes, such as aspiration, yearning, and passion.  Multiple layers of pulsating colors and textures juxtapose reality and fantasy. Suzy Taekyung Kim’s current work carries a sense of surprises through her attempts to find beauty in nature and everyday life.  She isolates various flora objects – such as simple white flower foliage or spring blossoms – from their original context and places them in an abstract realm.  These paintings allow viewers a glimpse into exquisite aesthetic beauty, as well as a heightened sense of depth and insight into the artist’s personal interpretation of the world around her.