Fragments of Innocence

May 7 - June 18, 2015

Laurent Elie Badessi
Innocence 3 - Silver Edition


Metalic C-Print
53 x 63 in (134.6 x 160 cm)

Laurent Elie Badessi
Innocence 7

Metallic C-Print
43 x 53 in (109.2 x 134.6 cm)

Laurent Elie Badessi
Innocence 10

Metallic C-Print
48 x 53 in (121.9 x 134.6 cm)

Laurent Elie Badessi
Fragments 4,

Facemount to mat acrylic glass (diasec), Framed

51 x 75 in (129.5 x 190.5 cm)

Press Release

BLANK SPACE is proud to present a solo exhibition entitled Fragments of Innocence featuring photographs by Laurent Elie Badessi. In his first show with the gallery, Badessi delves into the edifying concept of fragility of life and reinterprets it with contemporary narratives and techniques, experimenting with the boundary of photography. 


Through two separate series Fragments and Innocence, Badessi explores with light and motion as his primary means of expression and addresses the polarizing concept of transience and permanence in disparate ways. Butterflies have historically been a symbol of transformation, beauty, and temporality for centuries in art. Incorporating the traditional symbol as his primary subject to remind the viewers the brevity of life, the artist simultaneously materializes his carefree childhood memories in Provence, France.


In Innocence series, mundane yet delicate objects like Aluminum sheets are transformed into an otherworldly and robust artistic terrain, providing a platform where the artist engages in dexterous conversation with his materials. In Badessi’s oeuvre, the butterflies in a fraction of a second come to be an object of dualities that is both permanent and fragile, and illusionary and real. In his primary artistic practice, the artist abstains from using post-production such as Photoshop but utilizes a specific law of physics based on light and reflection.

In Fragments series, Badessi employs motion and light to dissect colors and texture in butterfly wings and challenges traditional notions of paintings. When viewed up-close, the large-scale Fragments photographs reveal extremely rich and diaphanous gradients in sections where colors converge. Constructed of cultural references and personal narratives, Badessi’s photographs exhibit emotional intensity in the traditions of minimalism and abstraction.


Laurent Elie Badessi received an MFA in photography at Université de Paris VIII and studied language and communication at Université des Lettres d’Avignon in France. His photographs are exhibited and collected by various private and public institutions around the world including Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris Louvre, The Danforth Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville, Fl., The Sondra Gliman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla Collection, Paul Getty Collection, The Elton John Collection, and The Buhl Collection. He has received several prestigious awards such as a grant from French Department of Cultural Affairs for his Paris exhibition “Métamorphoses.”


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