Kaleidoscopic Adventures

July 15 - August 13, 2010

Press Release

Blank Space is pleased to present Kaleidoscopic Adventures, a walk-in exhibition by the artist Jonny Detiger. Detiger is an artist and designer who through his work has explored the understanding and communication of the human condition of happiness. Using shape, sound, smell and color he designs living art environments that heighten this positive state of mind. As such, Detiger creates illuminating exhibitions of surprising and memorable details with an undercurrent of fun and a clever sense of humor.


Blank Space features "The Kaleidoscope", a walk-in environment that is in constant flux. It is an exploration of how art interacts with space and how this interaction can yield surprising, unexpected gifts. The viewers themselves participate in the variable nature and makeup of the work.

The construction, consisting of a multicolored Plexiglas maze, produces a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes. Viewers can enter the maze at different entry points and are enveloped by combinations of color. Detiger's interest is in the subtle nuances in which a work influences the perception and feeling of space. The work can be viewed from different angles with changing color combinations from each vantage point. There is an element of surprise and wonder as one finds one's way through the piece. It is an experience that is encompassing, interactive, emotionally bright, and engaging.



Originally from Holland, Detiger received his degree in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University and is a self-taught artist. He's been reviewed and featured in a number of notable publications including Elle Décor UK, Casa Da Arbitrare, Flaunt,Inside Out Australia, Vogue Living, and Art World Digest. Selected group shows include galleries from New York to Norway, and one-person shows include several in New York as well as Berlin (Germany), Bergen (Norway), Ibiza (Spain), and Amsterdam (Holland).