February 24 - March 19, 2011

Finding a way

Hyewon Park

Finding a way



6 x 6 inches

Yellow Infinity_0801

Injoo Whang

Yello Infinity_0801


Ink on paper

18.5 x 15.5 inches

Hyesoon Hwang

You have never been there


Mixed media, Graphite on paper

30 x 22 inches

Hong Seon Jang



Chalk board, tape

19 x 25 inches

Press Release


BLANK SPACE is pleased to present Serenity, a group exhibition featuring the works of four young, talented Korean artists who are part of the emerging New York art scene. Each artist has his or her unique way of using one medium and transforming it into something true to the nature of the materials. The process these artists use include meditation, thoughtful analysis and creative insight -- all created in the spirit of serenity, balance and connectedness. BLANK SPACE is a platform where established artists and emerging talents are featured; Serenity is the first of BLANK SPACE’s annual exhibitions focused exclusively on emerging artists. The artists are listed alphabetically below.


Hye Soon Hwang received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2010 and was awarded artist residency in both Kyoto and New York City. Hwang believes that the path to expression is through deep meditation and pursuing the ideal of perfect harmony. By quieting her mind and achieving serenity, she is able to examine the rapid pace of urban life and create works that emanate a vibration, in particular with “I am mingling in the crowd”, “I named you You”.  “It must be somewhere” feels like it will gently and steadfastly grow off the paper. Hwang’s use of mixed media lends beautifully to featuring nature as a constant visual motif while allowing the viewer to feel at peace for a few moments in the midst of a hectic, busy metropolis.


Hong Seon Jang graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with an MFA in 2003 and has earned a number of residencies over the past three years. Featured in a large number of solo and group exhibitions, he has given four artist talks at places such as the Newark Museum (Newark, NJ) and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE). Jang's featured "forest" and "black forest" explore ideas to challenge the mundane and the preconceived ideas embedded in our minds -- a kind of serenity. Using objects that are discarded/"found" or recycled, the artist gives changed meaning and aesthetic possibilities to these items by creating a new, and sometimes contradictory, physical presentations.


Hye Won Park earned her BFA in photography from School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2008. Having been featured in group exhibitions in both the US and South Korea, as well as three solo exhibitions in South Korea, she has received two prominent photography awards. Park’s work is a reflection on herself and the changes she’s undergone -- not only how she sees herself actually but how she perceives herself in her imagination. Just as there is a difference in a self-portrait from looking into a mirror and touching one’s face, she photographs by “touching her face” through the viewfinder of her camera. Her lighting, composition, subjects and the use of sepia lends a serenely eerie yet playful air to her photographs -- in particular, “Self-Portrait 2”, “Finding a Way”, and “Hey Little Girl.”


Injoo Whang graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City in 2004. Featured throughout the US and South Korea in over 20 group exhibitions as well as two solo exhibitions, Whang’s ink-on-paper works examine the connectedness, the serene balance, between the individual and the larger group. She uses a labor-intensive and meditative process with cut-out paper or fabric to create larger drawings of a single pattern, the individual pieces gathered together to work as a larger whole is reflective of the intellectual purpose of the works. The results of this process can be experienced, particularly, through the artist’s “Yellow Infinity” series.