Jeong Hyun Sook creates a celestial space on the canvas surface, which glows with embedded mother of pearl and crystal pieces. For the artist, the envy for the sun, the moon and stars and thirst of human beings for gold, silver and precious stones are the desire for the light. Light sparks love of beauty and is the symbol of eternity. She utilizes naturally glowing materials such as mother of pearl and crystal pieces to express the eternity of light, and in her latest works, she endeavors this ‘eternity’ by representing the pure geometric form of circles. Her works are reminiscent of traditional Korean Art as seen in her inspiration from the Najeon-Chilgi lacquer ware and furniture, and representations of porcelain vases of the Joseon dynasty. 

Jeong Hyun Sook is well renowned in the Korean art market and is gradually gaining reputable acclaim in the United States art scene. Her works have been exhibited in the Sungkok Art Museum, Lee Gallery, Gallery Sejong, and Insa Art Center, to name a few, and have been featured in various international art fairs in Cologne, Miami, New York, London, Geneva, Beijing and Shanghai. Her paintings are held in major Korean art collections such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, and the Sammlungen Collection.