Farsad Labbauf has focused his works on themes of unity and the interconnectedness in a world seemingly divided by shadows of political, religious and economic differences. Inspired by a range of subjects, from Rumi's poetry (13th century Persian poet) to Quantum Physics (and String Theory, etc.), Labbauf strives to expose these ideas hidden beneath the superficial form through the process of sewing together a variety of contents ranging from childhood drawings and paraphernalia to more recent content of using thread as a vehicle not only to connect past with the present, but also as a source of displaying visual links.

Labbauf (b. 1965) received his B.A. in Fine Arts and Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has had various solo exhibitions in Tehran, Esfahan, Boston and New York. His works are included in permanent collections, such as Saatchi Gallery, Salsali Private Museum of Dubai, Museum of Contemporary Art in Esfahan, Iran, and Walt Disney Corporation.