Byung Jin Kim’s work is composed of countless letters, logos, or shapes that build into another figure. His work are highly elaborate and time consuming. The artwork is first given its initial look through 3D digital imaging or sketches. Based on the sketch, Kim creates the shape using clay, plaster, or FRP plastic. On top of this base shape, he painstakingly molds together these countless shapes or letters in steel to create the exact same shape of the clay. After careful sanding of the molded areas, he layers multiple high quality car paint over an extended period of time while heating at 200 degrees in a kiln. Kim says he finds truthfulness in this labor intensive nature of his work.

Byung Jin Kim (b. 1974) graduated from Suwon University (Major in Sculpture), who joined numerous group exhibitions in galleries and art fairs; also hosted several solo exhibitions in Korea and one in Taiwan. He is an awarded and acclaimed artist in South Korea, which the works are collected by several private collections, such as National Museum of Contemporary Art, Philos Hotel, The Sculpture Park in Gangwon Land and Suwon District Court etc.